February 4, 2014

Hazards of Living Alone

This video was originally to celebrate and make fun of my enormous new living space. So many rooms, so much marble flooring. So little furniture to impede dancing.

Now it is also to celebrate breaking back into my blogging account, after Google barricaded me with impossible security questions and a verification system based on a forgotten phone number.

Welcome to Urfa!
Welcome (back) to the blog!

I envision posting a fair amount in the coming weeks, focusing on learning Turkish (and maybe Kurdish), understanding cultural phenomena of eastern Turkey, and the usual life musings that arise when you have an abundance of time and space and an absence of familiar routines.


  1. Congrats for your new place! Enjoy the big space. (and I hope you are safe there)
    Huge place! So empty...I wonder how much yarn and fibre I can stash there.
    How many spinning wheels and looms can be placed for fibre art classes?
    Turkey is the place for good fibre, specially mohair. Hmm, maybe I should join you there.
    It's warmer, too.

    It's sunny today here in Vancouver at -1 C. brrr

    1. You are most welcome. You can warm up the place with all that fibre and fibre art. I hear that there are some nearby villagers who still know how to make traditional kilimis (flat-weave carpets). If I have a chance to see, I'll post about it for sure. Take care in the cold!

  2. So much space, so much floor, so much dancing! I've heard that sleeping on the floor is very good for your back. Miss you.

    1. I actually have a "yer yatak" (floor bed), basically just a mattress. Last night I used my sleeping bag under all the blankets, and I was cozy. Miss you, too, friend.


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