February 7, 2014

Am I searching?



               Ah... çok dindar bir insan değilim.

               Ah... I'm not a very religious person.

               Benim için, herkesi seviyorum... açık olmak önemli bir şey...

               For me, I like everyone... to be open is an important thing...

Oh, hümanist. [My new friend shows her disappointment].

               Yeah, sure. [Is a humanist really the worst thing to be?]

               Ama, dinlere ilgileniyorum!

               But I'm interested in religions! [Is this true? There's a gleam in my interlocutor's eye, in any case.]

somethingsomethingsomething araştır somethingsomething

               Araştır... araştırmak...?

'To search'

               Oh! Am I searching? [The gleam makes sense. My friend is here to help.]

               No... no.

[24 hours later, I am kindly offered a Koran.]


  1. I've started telling people I'm buddhist. I'm not, but it also helps explain why I'm a vegetarian, do yoga, have a masters in Sanskrit, and don't believe in a god. I even wear mala beads (because I like to) so if asked about any of the above (daily) it turns into a nice little show and tell! The concept of not having a religion is too baffling, and I'm uncomfortable simply agreeing that I am Christian as everyone assumes...
    Enjoying your blog :-)

  2. Hmm, this seems like a smart way to go. Maybe I can claim I am a nature-worshipper, and pull out my photos of the mountains like you pull out the mall beads.


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