January 10, 2011

Turkish again!

ikinci defa (second time)
üniversitede daha fazla Türk var (there are more Turks at university)
zaman geçirmekten hoşlanıyorum (I like hanging out)
para biriktirmek (to save money)
bağımsız filmler (independent films)
altyazı (subtitles)
ne kadar zamandır görüşmüyoruz? (how long has it been since we saw each other?)

Hasan and I met for some "Tandem language learning" this sunny Saturday afternoon. His English is way better than my Turkish, but when it came time to switch languages, he was wonderfully patient. I showed him how to take notes when I struggled, and these are some of the new phrases I learned or re-learned as a result. It feels good to be speaking again!

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