June 8, 2010


åndi falsafa f lHayat: ida åishti Tawilan, kulshi li tåalimti ghadi ykun mustaåmal.

I have a philosophy for life: If you live long enough, everything you learn will come in handy.

Hta darija.

Even Darija.

*Did you notice that "philosophy" is "falsafa"? How sweet is that? I've been studying Arabic for eight months, and that is my first holy-crap-look-at-that English-Arabic cognate.


  1. that's very strange to see someone trying to learn Darija instead of classical Arabic.
    you may have said Bezaf instead of Tawilan as its more Darija.
    keep trying

  2. ma3likch 9rib twelli ostada dyal darija 7ta hiya :) niice blog i enjoyed reading the articles and also your song about tetouan was very awesome


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