March 12, 2010

Turkish-Arabic cognates

shi haja...

shi haja...



I wanted to say "basic." "Something...basic." Oh, what is the word? Sahal means "easy," but that's not what I want. Screw it.

shi haja...basit.

Fatima and I said the word in unison. But I said "simple" in Turkish and she said "simple" in Arabic. It was like magic. These cognates really do make my world go round. 

Turkish  /  Arabic
nadiren (rarely)  /  nadiran (rarely) نادرا
şikayat etmek (to complain)  / shakwat (complaint) شكوة
vakit (time)  / waqt (time) وقت
maalesef (unfortunately)  /  maalesef (unfortunately) مع الأسف
mutfak (kitchen)  /  matbakh (kitchen) مطبخ
kahve (coffee)  /  qahwa (coffee) القهوة
ziyaret (visit)  /  ziyarat (visit) زيارة
fikir (idea)  /  fikra (idea) فكرة
meşgul (busy)  /  mashghul (busy) مشغول

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  1. nice list
    how many words would you say are in common in the 2 languages?
    are there any grammar points similar?



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