September 10, 2014

September art/craft: photography

So I'm doing this new thing. Every month I focus on an art or craft medium and do some small projects within that world. September was going to be acrylic paint month, if only to fill the blank walls of my room, but for reasons the medium is now photography.

Mini project 1: Photo walk in the neighbourhood.

Banana leaves next door

Oh I like it here
Reminds me of a hanging leaf project to re-do this fall
In an alley
New desktop image. Mmmm.
Take away: As I expected, the photo walk made me feel super relaxed, receptive, and gracious. The back alleys of this neighbourhood are not so rich in cultural and natural texture as others, but the diversity of plant life is still impressive. It was easy to find some nice shots, even at midday, far from those dawn and dusk ideal light times.

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