October 6, 2011

Native speakers, eh?

Mariusz came from Poland to Canada five years ago. He ties rebar. At his new job site, there are Mexicans, a Russian, and a Serb. Mariusz is happy, because now he can understand what people are saying in English. At his last job site, he worked only with Anglo Canadians. They spoke so fast and shortened words so much that he was lost. And these people were working; they were too busy to slow down and help. Now, with the other non-native English speakers, he can actually participate in English.

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  1. This is more or less how my Dad learned Hebrew. He learned the basics in a classroom, but really learned to speak by working in the orchards on a Kibbutz with people from all over the world. The only language in common was Hebrew and no one was a native speaker. They practiced, they were patient, and got better.


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